Having that “fourth dimension”, adding sound and movement to images, animation has always held a particular fascination for me. I specialise in 2D hand-drawn or direct on computer animation, using mainly Photoshop, After Effects and Final Cut Pro to achieve my goal. I aim at helping small businesses and campaigns convey a sense of what they're all about in personal, yet light-hearted images and a clear storyline.

Enjoy the clips!

My latest...: Four clips for who help disadvantaged people have an amazing experience seeing their favourite bands: a little story each, in anticipation of going to their special gig!

Elliot goes to Queen in Brussels:

Jaidon goes to AC/DC in London:

Joshua goes to Pearl Jam in Philadelphia:

Declan goes to Slipknot in Manchester:


Alex Behning on tour in Germany, spring 2015



Showreel 1, exploring various animation techniques, including direct on film, acrylics on cel, stop-motion using vegetables, and an "enhanced" barbie puppet!


Showreel 2

3-month animation course at UWE, Bristol


My Depotcheck

An online platform for investment comparison and assessment - and this is how it works... (in German):

My DepotCheck site


There is a life after work!

Cross-section through a series of clips I made for a large financial services company, as a good-bye present for their retiring partners. All I had as info was the individual's favourite music, some of their plans for retirement, their family situation, and a photo...


Cabtus launch clip

Commissioned by Cabtus AG, Zurich
Hansel and Gretel have grown older and started calling themselves Hans and Greta... They now get lost in the urban jungle and nearly get in a cab with the wicked witch - lucky there's the new, personalised way of doing taxi - Cabtus!

Cabtus site


Mare Mosso (Rough Sea) - my graduate film, shown at various festivals in Switzerland and other countries

Intrepid sailoress Jess ventures out into the night on her "Southern Cross", somewhere on some ocean. It is all hunky-dory until she catches a strange fish, and things start going weirdly wrong... (inspired by my first-ever sailing trip - it started in the middle of the night, and the unfamiliar sounds, the pitch-black nothingness ahead and a freighter suddenly turning up certainly made it into an unforgettable experience... technique: acrylics on cel).


Rabbit's Revenge

Imagine you're having a well-deserved nap, but your peace is disturbed by this nuisance of a hunter... Rabbit is entirely made of real carrot slices, the background is dried carrot, beans and caraway seeds, and Hunter is made of salami pieces!

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